TB Engineering is a consulting and trading company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial products and plants. Its mission is to support manufacturers to source products from the global market – aiming to achieve worldwide efficiencies in terms of low cost skilled labor and raw materials, low trade tariffs, transport cost optimization and other economic factors.

Established in 2004, from its headquarter in Genova, Italy, TB Engineering manages and coordinates a network of manufacturing suppliers based in low-cost countries (mostly in China), which now count as many as around 50 of the best factories with top of the line performance.

TB Engineering can also provide its clients with an extensive range of machinery and manufacturing equipment specific for a variety of industrial sectors: household appliances, car parts and vehicle components, water-heaters, ventilation systems, air and oil filters, containers, traffic signs manufacturing and many other special applications up to automated manufacturing lines.
Our extensive commercial, manufacturing and internationalization business expertise, in-depth understanding of industrial plant processes and excellent problem-solving capabilities will prove to find solutions for both large industrial corporations as well as for small and medium-sized businesses.